Funded Projects

​KUTEM provides an easy access to an energy research facility at Koç University and brings scientists, students, companies and governments together to tackle the energy challenge.



“Computational Simulations of MOFs for Gas Separations (€1,500,000)”, 2018-2023

1,500,000 €

Seda Keskin, ERC

“Development of Catalytic Systems Focusing on the Conversion of Waste Carbon Dioxide into High Fuels”, 2016-2019

261,600 TL

Alper Uzun, Tüpraş

“Diesel Hydrodesulphurization Process”, 2016-2019

129,600 TL

Can Erkey, Tüpraş

"Modifying Hydrogenation and Nitrogenation Capabilities of Graphene", 2015-2018

436,500 TL
Sarp Kaya, Tübitak

“Development of Hydrogen Gas Sensors Using Palladium-Containing Polymer Microspheres”, 2016-2018

452,238 TL

Alper Kiraz, Tübitak

"Design, Manufacturing and Membrane, Electrode and Catalyst Development and Testing for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells Operating at Ultra-Low Stoichiometric Flows in the Anode", 2015-2018

 276,530 TL
Rıza Kızılel, Tübitak

"The Effect Of Cell Dimensions and Number Of Electrode Layers on the 20Ah Li-ion Cells Used in Electric Vehicles and the Improvement of Thermal Management System By Microchannel Heat Exchanger", 2015-2018

530,312 TL
Rıza Kızılel, Tübitak

"Improving Methane Storage Performance and Stability of Cu-BTC MOF Using Ionic Liquids", 2014-2017
512,068 TL
Alper Uzun, Tübitak

"Development of a Technology to Produce Light and Mid-Distillates by Olefin Oligomerization", 2014-2018

189,480 TL
Alper Uzun, Tüpraş

“Electrochemical CO2 and CO Reduction to Make Methanol Fuel”, 2016-2018

Sarp Kaya, KUTEM

“Understanding Charge Carrier Dynamics of Bivo4 Based Photoanode Heterostructures”, 2016-2018

Sarp Kaya, Alphan Sennaroğlu, KUTEM

“Development of Optofluidic Waveguide Based Novel Photoreactors”, 2016-2018

Alper Kiraz, Seda Kızılel, KUTEM

“Comparative Analysis of the Energy Life-Cycle for Production of Biomass Using The Oil-Rich Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris in Open Pond and Photobioreactor”, 2016-2018

İ. Halil Kavaklı, Rıza KIzılel, KUTEM

“Advantages of Non-Markovianity and Quantum Coherence for Artificial Photosynthesis”, 2016-2018

Özgür Müstecaplıoğlu, Alper Kiraz, KUTEM

“Investigation of a solar fueled demo unit, 2016-2018

Sarp Kaya, Can Erkey, KUTEM

“Graphene and Perovskite Based Solar-Driven Water-Splitting Devices”, 2016-2018

Sedat Nizamoğlu, Engin Erzen, Alper Erdoğan, KUTEM



"Development of Nanostructured Materials Warm to the Touch", 2014-2016
147,194 TL
Can Erkey, Ministry of Industry

"Development of a Collaborative Research Program on Methane Storage Combining Experiments with Atomic Simulations: I. Simulations (CH4toGo-I) – II. Experimental (CH4toGo-II)", 2014-2016
258,000 TL
Seda Keskin Avcı, Alper Uzun, Koç University Seed research Fund

"Electrochemical CO2 and CO Reduction to Make Methanol Fuel", 2014-2016
39,543 TL
Sarp Kaya, Koç University Seed research Fund


"Investigation of Structural Factors Determining the Applicability Limits and Performance of Imidazolium-Type Ionic Liquid Assisted Catalysts", 2013-2016
 292,500 TL
Alper Uzun, Tübitak

"Improving the Selectivity of Polymeric Membranes Using Metal Organic Frameworks as Fillers", 2014-2016
 145,300 TL
Seda Keskin Avcı, Tübitak

"Development of Nickel-Based Catalysts as a Cheap Alternative to Ruthenium-Based Counterparts for the Production of Hydrogen from Ammonia", 2014-2016
467,629 TL
Alper Uzun, Tübitak

"Development of Hydrocracking Catalysts", 2013-2016
192,000 TL
Can Erkey, Tüpraş

"Development of Alternative Fuel Additives and Determination of Their Fuel Competitiveness", 2013-2016
172,300 TL
Alper Uzun, Tüpraş

"Design of a Functional Composite Membrane via Particle Stabilized Emulsion Templating", 2011-2014

761.070 TL
Seda Kızılel, Levent Demirel – Tüpraş

"Development of a Laboratory Scale Hydrocracking Reactor and Hydrocracking Catalysts", 2009-2013
255.000 TL
Yaman Arkun and Can Erkey - Tüpraş

"Real time optimization and control for a hydrocracker unit", 2010-2012
140.358 TL
Yaman Arkun and Can Erkey - Tüpraş

"Use of Supercritical Fluids in Energy Efficient Processing of Textiles", 2009-2010
40.800 TL
Can Erkey – AKSA

"Development of a mathematical model and model predictive control system for an industrial semibatch emulsion copolymerization of acrylonitrile-vinyl chloride reactor ", 2011-2013
119.840 TL
Yaman Arkun, Seda Kızılel - AKSA

"Filtered Density Function Modeling of Turbulent Reacting Flows", 2011-2014
253.890 TL
Metin Muradoğlu - TUBITAK MAG 1001

"Nano-Technology Based Vacuum Insulation for Building Envelopes", 2010-2014
361.320 Euros
Can Erkey - EC-FP7

"Transparent Vacuum Insulation Panels", 2010-2013
370.000 TL
Can Erkey - TUBITAK

"Development of Aerogel Based High Performance Insulating Materials", 2007-2010
213.350 TL
Can Erkey - TUBITAK

"Novel Nanocomposite Materials via Supercritical Impregnation by Organometallic and Conducting Compounds", 2009-2011
186.390 TL
Can Erkey - TUBITAK

"Composite Membranes With Metal Organic Frameworks for High Efficiency Gas Separations", 2010-2014
Seda Keskin - Europen Union 7. Framework Programme Marie Curie International Reintegration Grant

"Unlocking the Potential of Zeolite Imidazolate Frameworks as Membranes for Carbon Dioxide Separations Using Molecular Simulations", 2011-2013
152,793 TL
Seda Keskin - TÜBİTAK-3501 CAREER Project

"Development of Novel Lab-on-a-chip Optofluidic Waveguides and Flow Manipulation Methods Using Advanced Materials and Fabrication Techniques", This project is supported in conjunction to the COST action MP1205 “Advanced in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics”, 2013-2015
Alper Kiraz - TÜBİTAK 112T792

"Development of Tunable Microlasers Based on Optically Stretched Microdroplets Suspended in a Microfluidic Chip", 2011-2013
Alper Kiraz - Joint project funded by TÜBİTAK (Project No: 111T059) and Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

"Investigation and Development of Metal and Metaloxide Microdisk Resonator Inflammable Gas Sensors", 2011-2014
Alper Kiraz - TÜBİTAK 110T803

"Tackling a Critical Problem in Hydrogen Storage through a Multi-scale Modeling Approach: Crack Propagation in the Presence of Hydrogen Embrittlement", 2012-2014
51.000 TL
Demircan Canadinç - KUTEM

"Development of Silver Chalcogenide Sensitized Solar Cells", 2012-2014
58.200 TL
Funda Acar Yağcı, Uğur Ünal - KUTEM

"Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting on Plate-like Structures", 2012-2014
66.000 TL
İpek Başdoğan - KUTEM

"Computational Screening of Porous Coordination Networks as CO2 Separation Membranes ", 2012-2014
49.530 TL
Seda Keskin - KUTEM

"Sustainable and green bioenergy production from algae", 2012-2014
51.000 TL
Yeliz Utku Konca, Mehmet Somer, Halil Kavaklı - KUTEM

"Energy Efficiency Map of Turkey", 2012-2014
51.000 TL
Şuhnaz Yılmaz Özbağcı, Metin Türkay, Belgin Şan Akca - KUTEM